Monday, August 25, 2008

All I ever eat is Chinese food

I woke up this morning laghing. I guess I never knew that I loved Chinese food that much but in my dream I wanted nothing else. I dreamed that I was at a water park with an old co-worker and the entire time we were there we where trying to order Chinese food. I guess my ability to dial a phone was all of a sudden gone and I had no other idea of how to get me some of that good stuff that I must have right now. I really felt as though this dream went on all night long and then at the very end of it I couldn't figure out what I had done with my baby because I was so obsessed about getting my paws on some Chix with Broccoli and fried rice. mmm, I am making myself hungry just talking about it.......Time for lunch, anyone with me?

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RebeccaB said...

i'm not sure about blogger websites but on my wordpress site i have a tab that says blog stats, then I click top searches and it gave me that list! hope that helps!