Friday, August 22, 2008

What was that all about?

I have heard of the 24 hr flu but not the 12 hr or less flu. I don't know what happend yesterday but it was weird, I don't get sick very often. So I was sitting at my desk at work yesterday afternoon and all of a sudden I started getting a horrible headach. The more time passed the worse it got, so I left work to go pick Declan up and by time I got home my headach had turned into a horrible stomahach. I tried to take a nap but let me tell you, an 8 month old just doesn't know what it means when I say "Mommys sick, I need to take a nap". Oh well. So I figured I might as well not fight it any more and got up to feed Declan. About half way through feeding him I got this horrible earge to throw up, so I dropped the spoon and ran to the bathroom and proceeded to puke my guts out!! and I keept hearing Declan fussing and throwing a fit in his highchair because "Hello, I'm hungary and don't just stop feeding me in the middle of dinner!!" Thank God right after that Luke got home from work early and he finished helping me with Declan and even went to get me some KFC because I did not want left over taco's and the only thing I could even think about eating was Mashed potatoes. I barely ate my mashed potatoes and put my chicken wrap in the frige and went to bed. I woke up this morning feeling just fine, what the heck was that all about??? I am trying to think of something that I ate yesterday that could have done that do me, but I had leftover grilled chix from Tues night for lunch and some leftover corn on the cob. I didn't think the chix would go bad in one day. oh well, I feel better now and I am very happy about that because the weekend is almost here, ya!!! Not one thing I have to do this weekend and I am very happy about that. Last weekend was a ton of fun, but too much driving.......way to much driving.

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